Xiong Chang
CEO & Mechanical Design

Xiong is passionate about leading teams with a laser-focus on delivering customer value. He studied Manufacturing Engineering at Cambridge University and worked as a design engineer at GE Energy before moving to investment banking where he led global projects as Agile Product Owner among other roles. His mechanical design for one Beetl robot was included in the Top 10 Robotics Start-Ups at CES 2017 by Robotics Business Review

Chris Wee, PhD
Software & Sales

Chris has a PhD in network security and has built and lead software development teams across the globe in the United States, India and China. Previously a Director at Juniper Networks, WhiteHat Security, LogLogic and Head of Security Research at Sygate Tecnologies, winning the A++ Award for innovative Botnet detection during the creation of the Norton AntiBot product. At Sygate, he built the product and team that Symantec acquired in October 2005

Sandeep Mirchandani
Navigation & Vision

Sandeep was CTO at Alchemy Designs before being acquired by Broadcom, where he was Technical Director. Having seen dramatic cost reductions during his 20+ years in the semiconductor industry, he sees robotics entering a similar golden era of mass adoption and wants to be at the forefront of bringing useful robots to businesses across the globe

Tim Sippel
Hardware Engineering

Tim founded Alchemy Designs, where he and Sandeep worked together for 20+ years through their acquisition by Broadcom where he worked as a Technical Director. His interest in robotics led to him winning a regional robotics competition and his initial prototype for a dog poop-scooping robot saw the Beetl team accepted to the HAX Accelerator in Shenzhen

Louise Thomas
Mechatronics & Marketing

Louise has a master's degree in mechatronic systems engineering and is fascinated by bringing mechanical products to life. She was previously VP of Research and Development at Vitali Wear, and played a key role in getting the company accepted into the HAX Accelerator where she met the rest of the Beetl team. Moving forward she is excited to be contributing to cutting edge of robotics technology